jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

Stradivarius to open first UK store

You probably have never heard about this fashion firm. But, what if you are asked for Zara?

Zara and Stradivarius are part of Inditex Group which is one of the world's largest fashion retailers with eight brands and over 6,390 stores throughout the world. Stradivarius boats 871 stores in 57 different countries and offers only women’s clothing and its core consumers are between 16 and 30 years of age.

As a part of the same group they both share the philosophy “just in time" as they are fashion imitators focused the attention on understanding the fashion items, modifying the existing designs to match the latest fashion trends that their customers wanted and then delivering them. And that makes the difference with their main competitors.

The target audience is not the same but similar. While Stradivarius is aimed at a young audience, Zara thinks more in working women today that covers a wide range of age. Although you can find similar clothes in both stores there is also a significant difference in prices. 

However, Stradivarius must face a fierce competence in the UK. Brands such as Top Shop, New Look, H&M, GAP, Monsoon, River Island, Oasis or Primark are just a few examples of hundreds High Street fashion retailers.

Moreover, it has been announced that Lidl is to launch a new female fashion range disturbing the low cost fashion market. Can the grocery firm disrupt the fashion sector? Should Primark be award of Lidl? Primark, well known for its very competitive prices is increasing its sales across Europe and it is likely to steal Zara market share in the next years.

In terms of marketing and technology neither Primark not Zara or Stradivarius believe in advertising. They would rather spend on store than in marketing campaigns. But, while the Irish clothing retailer has not developed an ecommerce strategy the Spanish firms have online stores as well as several mobile apps.

So what do you think is the future of High Street Retailers?